Jordana Heney is an designer and illustrator living and working in Toronto. Originally from Ottawa she moved to Toronto after graduating from Sheridan College's BA Illustration program.
Her artwork commonly incorporates subtle designs with figures. The fluid quality of her work echoes the dreamy mood of many of her pieces.
She is fascinated and inspired by the idea that as humans we are all collectively thinking and connected by our subconscious habits. Humans have certain things in common, we all dream, we are all afraid of something, we have all been made to laugh at least once. It is these common moments and experiences that Jordana likes to focus on in her work.
The strongest component in her pieces is the line work, which creates a solid frame for the colours beneath it and can often stand alone as a finished piece. Dreamlike scenes or surreal moments are the ideas she prefers to bring to life in her work. She enjoys a hint of the impossible in all her pieces.

As an illustrator she can make her work applicable to most any purpose, she enjoys editorial and narrative work, but prefer advertisement opportunities and private commissions. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer, comic artists, and educator.
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